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Monday, October 30, 2006

Blog moved.....

YupI have moved my blog.... (some people will not be named. they are good friends though) So from now on my blogs her will stop and thus, here is the new link- https://aroundtheden.wordpress.com
See ya there!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

some ramblings and peoms I like..

yes its true that I am going away from my "normal" postings today and letting you read something different for once!!!

The following is some of the peoms I would like to share with you all:

Women and Wolves

A healthy woman is much like a wolf, strong life force, life-giving, territorily aware, intuitive and loyal. Yet seperation from her wildish nature causes a woman to become meager, anxious, and fearful.
The wild nature carries the medicine for all things. She carries stories, dreams, words and songs. She carries everything a woman needs to be and know. She is the essence of the female soul...
With the wild nature as ally and teacher, we see not through two eyes only, but through the many eyes of intuition. With intuition we are like the starry night, we gaze at the world through a thousand eyes
The Words of My Heart
In the still hours of the dawn touched by the beauty I beholdI go to water for purification
I stand in the wind and waterto melt into the sun The smoke from the sweetgrass covers meand slowly drifts toward the heavens andcarries my heart's song to Creator
My words, as a thousand winds blow
through eagles in circle flightIn my humility I prayCreator, hear me I know you love me well
As I see you lean over Our Earth Mother fromsunset's windowsI see you dance with the leaves in Autumn with snow drifts in your hairI watch you play with the children laughing by the fires
You walk on clouds, with arms outstretched in the lightning,your voice speaks in the thunderand sings with the hummingbird You descend with the rainYou smile among the flowers and wave from in the trees
Your glory enflames my heart You enchant my soulYou know my needs before they are born within meYou hear my soft whisperings hear me now. I prayMy heart lies heavy within
My spirit criesFreedom is not an illusionLet not our tears and sorrowkeep us from journeys unmetHonor is at hand
Hear me O Great OneLet us move in unison with our Brothers of all colorsthe colors of the Sacred Wheel
Let our hearts be unbound of hatred and fear Lead us, Grandfathertogether toward a daywhen we are
One PeopleOne Heartentwined inOne Vision The sun upon our faces,the wind at our backs, hand in hand,the warriors of the rainbow, togetherLet us forever walk the path of beauty
Let the healing of the broken sacred Circle beginThis day~~~ my soft whisperings will be heard shouting on the mountain.
The song playing is:Amazing Graceperformed in the Tsalagi languageThis hymn was written in 1779 by John Newtonwho, until his early 20's, was an unbeliever.A decade later he had become a devout preacher. It is said that John Newton was the captain of a slave ship.He wrote the song and taught it to the Africans being sold into slavery.The tune was known as "an early AmericanMelody" and became a favorite of the Cherokees.It was sung on the Trail of Tearsand can be considered the Cherokee National anthem.
u ne la nv i u we tsiGod's SonIi ga gu yv he ipaid for us.hna quo tso sv wi yu lo seNow to heaven He wenti ga gu yv ho nvafter paying for us.a se no i u ne tse i Then He spokei yu no du le nvwhen He rose.ta li ne dv tsi lu tsi liI'll come the second timeu dv ne u ne tsvHe said when He spoke.e lo ni gv ni li s qua diAll the world will endga lu tsv ha i yuwhen He returnssni ga di da ye di go iWe will all see Hima ni e lo ni gvhere the world over.u na da nv ti a ne hvThe righteous who livedo da ya nv hi liHe will come after.tso sv hna quo ni go hi lvIn heaven now alwaysdo hi wa ne he s diin peace they will live
Okay, so as you can see I am BIG on the Native American theme, so I will let you think and chew on some ofthis and I except some commenrs back(nmph more then Akea!)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

what heck hasn't gone my way this last 2 weeks

aight so lets see where to begin..... well Katerina(Morning Star) is growing and congested ugh . I hate winter months... so anyways, Allie is good she is back in the states thank gawd for that and she is well and in SL withdrawals bad!!
I have been up to my ears in house work and tending to 3 pups is tiring i tell ya! I am finally able to sleep at night so that is good at least. Anyays, yeah i know this blog entery is short and breif, but i am needing to get things together for an appointment this afternoon ugh I hate taking all three with me but I am needing to *sigh*
PS - Akela be GOOD! and get in world sheesh!

Friday, October 13, 2006

since last blog entery

okay okay so I have been lagging in the blog dept as of last time I wrote!!(shoot me now) I have had my 3rd and last pup(child) on Tuesday 3rd of Ooct. at 11:39 am aan she was a bigggggggg one lol at she is so snuggly!! Akela i was thinking of naming her after you sweet silly wolfie!! But I had choosen the name Morning Star for her as of right now..... ( you know old tradoins)
Yes it is true I have had my 3rd and last biological child. I had Katerina Nicole on Tuesday Oct 3rd , 2006 at 11:39 am and she was in good health and still is !!
Anyways on to other things Allie was able to make it in for the birth of her niece adn thank gawd for that btu i spoke with her briefly the other ngiht and she was wayyyyyyy jet lagged and tired!!! I willbe glad when she is able to come nack to the statess!!!
okay, so Akela where have you been?? havent seen you in world for a few weeks !! miss you!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Word from Allie finally, and that's great news

Well, as many of you have either read Akela's blog or finally read Allie's ... yes she is alive and well. tired I daresay, but in good spirits... and NOT shot either thank goodness!
Okay, so some are wondering why I haven't posted in like um, a week? Well, dare i say that RL is more a mess then I thought it mgiht be rgiht now and well.. I haven't really touched the computer in a few days. you know cleaning and little ones about are all I can handle at the moment well soon to be 3 little ones in a week and like 4 days.. Allie might not be here for her NIECE's birth. yes, Dani I mistyped and meant soon and not son. but i am sure that Akela wouldn't having a little one named after him either tee hee...
Also, on the photos well I have some more!! and thanks to Dani I have some well 1 photo that is of my non human form!!

So, here is one rare photo of Akela IN human form!! hee and I was lucky to get the photo!!

Here it is with some others!!

Me in wolf form

Akela, me (in wolf form) and our good friend Dani

Well, until next blog time stay tuned!!!


Thursday, September 14, 2006

ACK! This weekend is going to be nuts!

yes , i know this weeked is going to be filled ith . well few appearances in Sl, shopping for things and CLEANING the house .....
I am about to haveanother little wolf son,hehe . and yes Allie is happy too... oh well she might not be here for the birth but thats okay too.... the navy wants her more right now so its better right now.
Unfortuunately the link i was going to post isnt working for my photos(Akela wanted more) so I will have to contact the photographer and ask what is going on.... *sighs* anyways. laters

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I am back. for a few anyways

Okay Okay . I know I haven't been in world since before Allie left... and I am truly sorry that I haven't been in to see any of you since then. With RL being crazy and that I was not going to be in world as much as I was hoping for ... So let's see what I can update you all on. :
The last 2 weeks:
Let's see where to begin.... oh yeah!(excuse the loss of brain matter ) I have been really busy with family as of late.... with Allie not here i am running with my head not attached! It is true with out Allie here it seems the kids are brats that won't nap, are always fighting over something or being clingy!!
Labor Day Weekend:
Nothing much went on stayed home and relaxed and cleaned (oh joy). 230 Am Monday morning. phone rings its Allie.. "I have some bad news..." "oh, what is it sis?" " The Croc Hunter was killed by a stingray" "oh my god your kidding me.........(my mouth was a gapping O after the shock hit)" "No, i am not kidding you sis... read the CNN site in the morning( later moening)" "Okay, i will.talk to you later sis " I hung up the phone and triedto sleep some more. failed at that one. Got on here and read the CNN website and sure enough Allie wasn't kidding me at all earlier that morning... there iit ws in black adn white "Croc Hunter Killed by Stingray".
As for the rest of this week. well, long slow and boring! Can't wait to have Allie home again soon....
Oh, Akela.. I hope you write in your blog asoon LOL I am not the only one to miss a few days !! :P